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"The visitable past" is Henry James's phrase for a world that can be visited in memory and seen through the eyes of an older generation. Take a tour with me of a remarkable time of aristocratic sensibilities and democratic principles, the time when our modern world was born; visit the Victorian world with novelist Henry James and Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.



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Henry James: The
                  Mature Master

Henry James: The
                  Young Master


  Honorable Justice eBook edition
Henry James: The Mature Master
"Novick's James. . . led a life as emotionally, sexually and financially complex as those of the characters in his fiction."  New York Times Book Review - front cover review and editors' choice

"True to the mode of Henry James, Novick is always discrete yet irrefutable in his scholarship and literary skill.  Perhaps in another generation or two, Novick may be supplemented by others, but he will not be surpassed nor replaced." Harold Bloom

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Henry James: The Young Master

"Like a movie of James's life, as it unfolds moment to moment, [lending] the book a powerful immediacy." New York Times

"Masterly in bringing James and his world to life." San Francisco Examiner-Chroncle

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Honorable Justice: The Life of Oliver Wendell Holmes

"One opens the book with high hopes, and as chapter follows masterly chapter the hopes mature into admiration of author and awe of subject. . . When at last Mr. Novick records the death of Holmes . . . he shocks us into something like grief."  --
Edmund Morris, New York Times Book Review

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The Collected Works of Justice Holmes:
Complete Public Writings
and Selected Judicial Opinions of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Volumes 1-3

"The greatest virtue of this collection is what it shows us about the age in which Holmes lived and how a very intelligent and public spirited lawyer reacted to those times."  [London] Times Higher Education Supplement

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